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CHOREOGRAPHY CONNECTS is an in-person artist led residency initiative for six socially engaged dance artists that unites CoisCéim Broadreach, the Comune di Bassano in Italy and Le Gymnase CDCN in Roubaix, France, funded through an inaugural International Residency (IRIS) award from the Arts Council of Ireland, and it seeks to support fresh approaches to artistic participatory practice and foreground the value of diversity – cultural, natural & social – in everyday life.
An artist-led, residency initiative funded by Arts Council Ireland, it involves the following, distinctive, socially engaged dance artists: Vittoria Caneva (Italy), Marion Carriau (France), Justine Cooper (Ireland), Chiara Frigo (Italy), Aoife McAtamney (Ireland) and Betty Tchomanga (France) to explore fresh ways to work with the public as participants and increase access to the artform.

Building from a gathering in Bassano in July 2022, this project brings together the following dance artists – Vittoria Caneva (Italy), Marion Carriau (France), Justine Cooper (Ireland), Chiara Frigo (Italy), Aoife McAtamney (Ireland), Betty Tchomanga (France) – with scientists and the general public in Dublin, Bassano (Italy) and Roubaix (France) through twelve CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT style residencies – four in each country – and other events – allowing 36 physical points of contact over the next two years. It has the following core artistic aims – to:
– provide a NEW interconnected, transnational residency opportunity for six socially engaged dance artists, whose practice traverses traditional artform boundaries
– enable artists to work with the public as participants in an impactful way
– connect artists, scientists & other professionals to inspire experimentation & foster creative growth
– establish horizontal co-creative relationships between artists, scientists, public participants & dance organisations – an equitable balance between lived experience and acquired expertise.
The partners’ view is long-term – our ambition to build interconnected pathways that can facilitate, prototype & interrogate new models/contexts that develop cross-sectoral process & bring artists and public participants together in ways that simultaneously stretch individual & collective creative practice and build active, life-long participation in dance.

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