Attività collaterali

Audience Development e Meeting


Next to the rich residency and activities programmes of the CSC Dancehouse, and thanks to the many networks linked to it, meetings and workshops are held every year, dedicated to different topics. This year they will investigate the theme of “wellbeing”: new perspectives on artistic practices and the positive impacts they have on daily lives.
This year 2020, the artistic practices and the dialogues will take place online, in the Zoom room dedicated to B.Motion Danza: a virtual space where to meet international guests and partners.


The audience engagement and the care of the audiences attending the festival and the CSC activities is always at the centre of the programming, and it develops, in 2020, in different projects such as:

    Bodies as well as faces, words, images, sounds, opinions, stories, memories. ABCDance is a project about dance from the perspective of the makers and, above all, of the viewers and of those who experience it. The blog will be in Bassano during Operaestate Festival and B.Motion.

    A journey of discovery of the languages of the contemporary performing arts, created for audience members who are curious and what to discover more about the performances programmed during B.Motion Teatro, including meeting with the artists and post-show talks.

    A projects that involves shop-owners of the city centre, and invites them to discover every aspect of the Festival, from the events to the backstage and the organisation.

    The lazy photographers, led by photographer and artist Sara Lando, are a group of Italian photographers that will capture the events of the dance section of B.Motion during a special residency that will introduce them to the contemporary performing art languages.
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