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Around the dense residential and planning activity of the CSC Casa della Danza and the numerous activated and participated networks, a series of meetings and workshops are developed. This year, BMotion Danza's artistic practices and morning conversations will be held online, to stay connected to the international dimension.


The work on the public is at the center of many projects of the Festival and its CSC. It materializes during the Festival and B.Motion in particular, through a series of targeted actions aimed at specific types of public.

    Not just bodies, but also faces, words, images, sounds, opinions, stories, memories. ABC Dance is a project that will tell dance not only from the point of view of "those who do it" but also and above all of "those who see and experience it" from the outside. The blog will be in Bassano during Operaestate Festival and B.Motion.

    Path of approach to the languages ​​of the contemporary theatrical scene, dedicated to the most curious spectators, who want to understand and deepen the proposals of B.Motion theater, through meetings before and after shows.

    The project aimed at traders in the historic center is back, to invite them to discover the Festival, both from the point of view of content, organization and impact on the territory.

    Project in collaboration with the Centro Antiviolenza Spazio Donna, and aimed at teachers of local schools, who in 3 intensive laboratory days will explore, through different artistic and physical practices, new ways of building positive relationships, with a view to prevention and contrast to gender-based violence.

    From a collaboration with the AMAd Association, we intend to start this summer with a pilot project that includes a cycle of Dance Well classes reserved for a small group of 10 people with Parkinson's disease and mild cognitive impairment.
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