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30 August 2024 | 18.00
CSC San Bonaventura,
Bassano del Grappa
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lower is an exercise of inclination, a surrender to the vertical posture to other possible gravities.

choreography Marina Donatone
performance Ilaria Quaglia
lighting design advice Gianni Staropoli Ivano Salamida
light Cosimo Ferrigolo
organization Monica Maffei
amministration Laura Marinelli Elena Campanile Silvia Parlani
photos and video Laura Accardo
production Ass. Cult. CodedUomo
co-production Azienda Speciale Palaexpo - Mattatoio Roma | Progetto Prender-si cura
supported by Teatro India - Teatro di Roma, Lavanderia a Vapore techné 2021, C.U.R.A. Centro Umbro Residenze Artistiche, Live Arts Cultures, Santarcangelo Festival

lower is an exercise of inclination, a surrender to the vertical posture to other possible gravities.
lower is a research that tries to trace a space for action within a mobile and non-predetermined system, in which movement is produced from the environment and the forces that pass through it.
lower is a body that leans out from its center and lets itself fall, carving a gesture somewhere in the balance between doing and not doing, between pressing and brushing, and that keeps going down, lower, where one can still dance, and then find itself, look back and smile at being already elsewhere.

Marina Donatone, dancer and choreographer, was born in Rome in 1993 and trained at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. As a dancer she has worked in Italy and abroad with artists and choreographers including Virgilio Sieni, Jacopo Miliani and Csaba Molnár. In her work she see for a body in becoming that gives itself to the choreographic system as an active matter, that works and is worked from the relationships in which it is included, bringing with it its own irreducible composition. As an author she has been supported by realities including Mattatoio Roma, Lavanderia a Vapore, Santarcangelo Festival, Teatro India - Teatro di Roma, Sín Arts Culture Centre Budapest, Short Theatre. Since 2020 she has been curating training projects and leading movement workshops for children at Mattatoio in Rome.

Ilaria Quaglia was born in Turin in 1990 and trained as a dancer in Italy and abroad. She collaborates with Yasmine Hugonnet, Luna Cenere, kinetic collective, Raffaella Giordano and Mario Martone, Masbedo, Ariella Vidach/aiep, Gabriella Maiorino. With Superbudda she organised the event Masbedo peforming Night, the live performance Retroazione within The Others Art Fair, the short film Die Brücke later became installation presented at Artissima Fair. In 2017 she founded with Francesca Antonino and Laura Chieffo the Munerude Collective creating the projects GRANITO and Rotten#1.

lower Laura Accardo 7

Foto di Laura Accardo