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Hrudja live


Hrudja live

22 August 2024 | 21.30
Chiostro del Museo Civico,
Bassano del Grappa
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“HRUDJA” è il suo primo album, frutto dell'incontro con il produttore Manuel Volpe e del contributo del musicista e performer piemontese Nicholas Remondino.


Produced by Manuel Volpe,
Lyrics and music by Massimo Silverio
Arrangements by Manuel Volpe, Massimo Silverio, Nicholas Remondino, Leo Virgili.
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Manuel Volpe @ Rubedo Recordings, Turin between April and
November 2022.
Artwork and design by Vieri Cervelli Montel
Massimo Silverio: voice, guitar, bass, cello, guzla
Nicholas Remondino: prepared percussion, synthesizers, voice, sampler
Manuel Volpe: bass, organ, keyboards
album made with the contribution of  NUOVOIMAIE


Massimo Silverio, born in 1992, is an author and musician who writes and sings in cjarniel, a minority language of the Carnic Alps. Between the charm of the borderland and the tradition of an ancient idiom, Silverio forms his very personal language, a mix between classic and contemporary. "Hrudja" is the Lombard ancestor of the word "Grusa", that in Friulian indicates the crust of a healing wound, metaphor of rebirth, but also memory of something that is disappearing.

Šchena = “schiena” - is the Father, the severity
Criure = “freddo arido”- The frost and love that make death feel
Jevâ = “ergersi, svegliarsi” - the ruthless and painful return to reality
Colâ = “cadere, crollare” - the dream, the symbol, the enigma

Nijò = “in nessun luogo”- memory
Grusa = crust, wound - the end, loss
Šcune = "cradle"- the warmth and love that inhabits the stars
Piel = "skin"- light, love
Algò = "somewhere"- the future
(Grim) = "womb"- is the Mother, the sweetness